Monday, December 20, 2010

2 AM

Ghhh ! I woke up, I found myself in here again
Quick, I need a piece of paper, and a pen
I got this idea that I don't want to lose again
Collecting words, arrange them in chapters, that's what I do
Glue them together, reuse them, creating a new new
I brake it and than I glue the parts, again and again, forever
It's like a puzzle, it solves itself every single time
But rearranges differently every single rhyme,
Each time
I put words in line, rhyme after rhyme
(Ah fuck, what does this rhyme with)
Don't stop, keep trying !
You got to keep the words coming !
Don't stop, keep writing, keep writing..
It's hard but don't you ever give up !
You keep writing and writing..., ok now, STOP.