Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to kill someone an get away with it

Maybe these 12 facts would help:

1. Drive By!! (in the night, in a black car)
2. Poison someones drink (at their house)
3. Set Explosions (use a timer, no triggers) while the person's inside
4. Don't leave anything behind: guns, clothes, etc.
5. Hire a expert Asian expert hitman :)
6. Do it...ON A BOAT! In the Sea, surrounded by Sharks
7. Use a silencer, and make sure nobody's around except you and the victim.
8. When lying about where you were at the time, think of a recent time when you experienced something amazing (with your father, mother, family member, friends), then stick to that and say something about it, even though you really didn't and you were at someplace other than the one you want to believe. Confusing?? It's another great lie you need to think about and practice!
9. Make a fake I.D. (Will ether Hawaii, Alaska, or Purto Rico as a background)and use an Alias.
10. When you see a Tug Boat, drive that motherfucker into the river and catch a ride on it's tires sticking out from the sides (Saw that in Shooter by the way).
11. Make sure you have someone driving a Van (with the door open), if you want to make a clean Getaway.
12. Hire a damn good Lawyer. didn't get this from me. Ca-peesh?